David Vasco is a private, Polish company founded in 2003 specialized in distribution of high quality automotive parts. We are exclusive owner of 4 registered (trademarks) brands: VASCO FILTERS, FLUXAR, PEXA and BREYKO.
VASCO FILTERS are produced according to car makers` requirements as well as ISO TS16949 certificate, that is why the quality matches all brands producing for original equipment market (OEM).
VASCO FILTERS are produced in several filter factories, eg.: in Italy, Germany, China and Slovakia upon long term and direct production contracts with David Vasco. These factories are carefully selected spare-parts producers with strong and reliable position in European and world-wide automotive market.
The base of VASCO FILTERS strategy is to ensure that all customers always get high quality products, produced using best raw materials and components according to original equipment requirements. That is why VASCO FILTERS price can not be compared directly with the cheapest filters available on today`s market.
We are specialized in filtration for passenger and light commercial vehicles. Currently, having in our range more than 1300 references, we cover almost 90% of the European car park.
We do not supply chain distributors neither multinationals. For David Vasco it is the most important to supply local distributors who emphasize their independence and willing to strengthen their competitiveness against chain distribution organizations.
The product catalogues are available on electronic CD and on the websites: or
VASCO FILTERS price strategy gives freedom to our customers to adjust their prices according to the local markets situation. This is the reason we do not have retail pricelist.
Our main strengths are: high quality products, serenity and safe use of our products, more than 97% reference availability on our stock, wide range, reliable distribution strategy, professional customer service, no mistakes in order completing, on-time delivery, technologically developed order handling system (QR codes, on-line system, our own messenger device for communications).
We are specialized in filtration for passenger and light commercial vehicles. You can find more than 1300 oil, air, fuel and cabin references in VASCO FILTERS` range.FLUXAR line consists of 16 most popular spin-on oil filters.PEXA range represents full offer of universal wipers, sets with adaptors as well as dedicated wipers for the newest car applications.BREYKO is braking systems line consisting of 2 lines: Z (standard) and Q (premium).
We guarantee at least 97% availability of our products in the central stock in Poland.
Our customers can profit from our on-line catalogues (with applications, cross reference and real photos data bases), on-line order placing system,

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