FLUXAR - Oil filters


Advantages of our filters



Regularity of the folds of the filter medium.


Tightness 100%.

Filtration medium

High quality filtration medium.

Mambrane valves

Advanced membrane valves.

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Oil filters are responsible for the correct oil filtration in order to separate it from dirt and any other undesirable additives which may impact the operation of engine components.

FLUXAR is not just new, but also innovative brand of filters targeted to automotive companies. This brand means high quality, guaranteed by automotive quality system ISO TS 16949 (specifies requirements for a quality system for products related to the construction, production, installation and servicing in the automotive industry) and ISO 9001: 2000.

Filters FLUXAR due to the technology and high quality performance extend the effective life of the engine as well as provide the additional protection. This means cheaper exploitation and more comfortable driving.