VASCO - Cabin filters


Advantages of our filters



Regularity of the folds of the filter medium.

High efficiency

High efficiency of absorbing pollutants.

Traveler's health

Reduction of gases, dust and allergens.

Efficient air conditioning

Protection of evaporator and fan.


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VASCO FILTERS offer consists of 2 series O (standard) and X (with active carbon) of cabin filters - currently 520 references. Their basic task is to purify the air entering into the car cabin directly from the road.

Cabin filters are produced with fully synthetic nonwoven fabric. Excellent filtration efficiency of particles with a size below 1 micron is the effect of attracting the electrostatically charged pollutant fibers. Due to this all impurities of sizes much smaller than the pores in the partition of the filter can be eliminated. The synthetic fibers are less hygroscopic therefore cabin filter does not deform under the influence of water. Also they have antiseptic properties (they are not favorable environment for the development of micro-organisms), so they limit the development of micro-organisms and stop processes of decomposition of organic contaminants retained by the filter during its lifetime.

Cabin filters with activated carbon is another unique group. Cabin filter is composed of two layers of synthetic fibers, capable of trapping impurities as well as aerosols and allergens. Additional third layer positioned inside the nonwoven layers is the activated carbon, which cleans air flowing from toxic gases and odors. The active carbon has a porous structure similar to graphite. It attracts toxic gases to its surface due to the adsorption phenomenon. The specific surface area of one gram of active carbon reaches up to 900 square meters so the amount of retained gases can be very large. Practically, the amount of active carbon contained in the high quality cabin filters allows elimination of approx. 90% of harmful gases such as eg. ozone, hydrocarbons, sulfur and nitrogen.


Together with high quality VASCO CABIN FILTERS you will receive QR codes printed on each package with direct links to instructional videos showing installation of filters step by step.


Remember – cabin filters are no more exclusive parts on your car!


• prevents windshields from fogging up.

• extends life cycle of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

• reduces toxic elements inside the vehicle.

• even filters emissions from diesel-powered vehicles.

• helps people who suffer from asthma and allergies.

• prevents headaches and nausea.

• keeps interior of windshields clean for a longer period of time.

• increases overall travelling comfort

• is not very expensive but extremely conducive to a person’s well being..

Spring is the best time of the year to replace the cabin filter because:

• As contaminants accumulate during fall and winter, the filter loses its effectiveness.

•Highly efficient filters are absolutely essential during the pollen season.

• In order to eliminate mildew and bacteria effectively, filters should be replaced once a year or every 15,000 km.