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Regularity of the folds of the filter medium.


Tightness 100%.

Filtration medium

High quality filtration medium.

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Advanced membrane valves.


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Spin-on oil filters are currently the most often used type of oil filters in car engines. However, in modern engines this type is becoming less common.  Advantages such as high resistance to damage, easy replacement of used filters and practically free of the risk of introducing contaminants into the engine oil system are no longer a priority. Nowadays more and more important are environmental benefits as well as easy disposal of used filters. Because of this modern filter cartridges (called energetic) are being installed in demountable enclosures.

At the first glance spin-on oil filters are very similar, but in fact their internal structure may be different. Operating parameters and construction features of this group of filters must be selected carefully to ensure the smooth functioning of the engine oil system. Valves inside the filter are also of great importance because they have major influence on the correct operation of the filter in the oil system. Spin-on oil filters may contain three types of valves: by-pass, anti-drain and back-flow.

Disposing of filter cartridge (especially made without metal elements) is less harmful for the environment than recycling of spin-on filters type. Oil filter cases installed in currently produced engines, and these produced several years ago have different construction and materials of which they are made of. However, the basic features are still the same.