VASCO - Fuel filters


Advantages of our filters



Regularity of the folds of the filter medium.


Resistance to high pressure.


Tightness 100%.

Filtration medium

High quality filtration medium.


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Fuel filters retain contaminants that can be found in gasoline, diesel, and they are used even in LPG  installations They protect the precise components of fuel system of internal combustion engines from excessive wear. These fuels contain contaminants from the process of production and distribution.

Dust, rust of the inner tank walls, water and micro-organisms living can cause fast wear of injectors, pumps, valves or pressure regulators used in modern engines. That is why there are filters optimally matched to the engine requirements, fuel quality and expected operating conditions in each system of the fuel. Requirements for filters are very high.

In modern engines it is required to retain pollution of the size 3 ÷ 5 microns with the effectiveness over 90%. To cope with these requirements more than one fuel filter are used in the fuel systems often at the same time. However, contrary to the oil filters, there are no by-pass valves that cut fuel flow when the filters are clogged. It is better if the engine stops due to lack of fuel (clogged filters) than working with unpurified fuel.