PEXA - Wipers




Resistance to temperature changes.

Perfect blend of rubber

Easy installation

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PEXA is the latest generation of flat wipers available in 3 versions: PX – with universal U-hook, PXA - with 8 multiadaptors and dedicated sets for the most popular models of cars (PXD line).

PEXA wipers fit most car models, match perfectly the curvature of the windshield, installation does not cause any troubles, and due to the instructions enclosed runs very smoothly and quickly.

PEXA products are not only a high quality performance but also developed with highest care for every detail of the production process to ensure trouble-free use. It is also remarkable first-class design and attractive look that distinguishes wipers PEXA from the competition.

Attractive packaging, competitive prices and high quality materials guarantee the success of this new offer on the European market.

Advanced wiping technology:

- Frameless technology

- Aerodynamic  profile

- High quality rubber eliminating friction

- Adapted to  different shapes of window glass

- System of universal adapters

- Smooth wear due to steady downforce

- High resistance to insects and  dirt

- Longer life

- Adapter grips made of steel instead of  plastic

Comfort for users:

- Wide range of lengths

-  Simple and user

- Friendly reference system

- Attractive and  practical packaging

- Simple installation

- Elegant, slim  shape

- System of QR codes with video guide

How to protect wipers in winter:

- Before starting the engine make sure the wipers are not freezed to window glass

- To detach the wiper use defreezer (to avoid breaking the wiper or burn the fuse)

- Always use winter washer fluid

- Clean wipers at each car-wash